What is a Chabad Centre?

A Chabad-Lubavitch Centre is a wonderful resource for strengthening Jewish life. It is a Centre where the warmth, light and friendliness at the heart of Judaism can be found by everyone.

In addition to centres, schools, Yeshivot and offices, there is an additional unique concept: the Chabad House. This idea was conceived long ago by the Lubavitcher Rebbe. Today there are some 3500 Chabad Houses in over 80 countries. They have proved to be exceptionally successful in helping all kinds of people - men, women, the young and the old - to discover the relevant and meaningful inspiration which is available from Jewish teaching and culture.

A Chabad House helps the existing communal organisations (where present) to face the increasing challenge to generate stimulating Jewish experiences for adults, teenagers and children. The typical Chabad House incorporates a Library/resource-Centre and provides educational and recreational activities in relaxed surroundings. The Directors of the Chabad House are a husband-and-wife team who together create an atmosphere of warm hospitality, welcoming every Jew, whatever his or her level of observance or affiliation.