Experiential Jewish Educational Programs for Schools

The following workshops are available for schools or groups upon request. These and other workshops and arts & crafts are part of our various children’s programs.

Model Matzah Bakery  
Chanukah Olive Press 
Lulav Workshop
Shofar Factory  
Torah Scribal Arts Workshop

 The Craft Workshops are available to every Jewish child throughout the UK. Each workshop has been designed as a portable unit which is brought to the children or community. In addition, the programme is available to the local education authorities as part of the National Curriculum - RE Syllabus. 

Rabbi Yossi Simon and his Mitzvah Team are available to visit your school, Synagogue, Hebrew School or Preschool with their acclaimed experiential Mitzvah Workshops. You can bring the holidays alive for your students and congregants in a fun, hands-on way. We can come to your location or you can bring your group to our location.

Email. Rabbi Yossi Simon