"The Lubavitch Youth Organisation is a fine example from part of Britain's Jewish tradition that provides support on the streets for young people in Central London. The team of rabbis operates in a dangerous environment, sometimes long into the night, to deliver care and counselling to young people in need ... the approach of Rabbi Sudak, who leads the group, is simple - everyone in need gets undiluted attention, whatever their background"

- William Hague, 1 November 2000


street2.jpgThe problem of Jewish kids congregating on the streets of London is not a new one. But these kids start to become prey to street violence, drugs and other street related problems.

In 1986 Rabbi Leivi Sudak of Edgware began his Street Project, patrolling the key areas where the kids gather in North West London. The Saturday night sortie begins about midnight, meeting the kids on their own ground, aided by a purpose built Mobile Jewish Centre.

A similar scheme is run in the Redbridge area by Rabbi Aryeh Sufrin. This includes special drugs awareness programmes in Youth clubs, run by Drugsline Chabad.

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