Chabad Research Unit, directed by Dr. Tali Loewenthal, explores how to communicate the essence of Judaism in a world of change. Communication begins with oneself; then one is able to transmit knowledge and inspiration to others. Chabad Research Unit seeks to reveal the subtleties, depths and meaning of Jewish teaching and life.

For more information and a wide range of audio classes, visit the Chabad Research Unit website.

Chabad Research Unit's activities include:  

The Alef Kabbala Group:  
Exploring Jewish mystical teachings focusing on transforming self and society, helping us discover our purpose as men and women in today's world. Tuesday evenings, 8.30pm, in Oakwood Road, NW11, with Dr Tali Loewenthal and occasional guest lecturers. Contact Information: Tel: 020 8455 0272 or 020 8800 5012 or email.  

Project LeChaim:  
Weekly on Wednesday evenings; 8.30-lO.15pm. A study program for men and women - Sedra and Tanya with Rabbis Efraim and Shimon Potash, and Dr Tali Loewenthal. Venue: Lubavitch House, 107-115 Stamford Hill, N16 5RB. Contact Yakov Korer B.A. at 020 8806 2081 or email.  

Lunchtime Study Group:  
At London and Regional, 117 George Street, W1. Thursdays 1.00-2.00pm for businessmen discussing traditional Jewish thought with a modern touch. Sandwich lunch. Contact Dr Tali Loewenthal at the CRU, Tel. 020 8800 0022 or email

The Friday Night Project:  
Family education: a weekly leaflet for adults and Young People mailed to homes throughout Britain discussing the weekly Sedra in a way relevant to daily life, intended to be read aloud at the table. Adult page sent free to students. Both Adult and Young People pages are available on email. Contact the CRU office or email.  

Psychotherapy Group:  
Practicing psychotherapists explore the relevance of Jewish teaching to the therapeutic process, with Rabbi Shmuel Lew and Dr Tali Loewenthal, meeting monthly in Highgate, London. Information Tel. 020 8800 5012 or email.