Communal prayers

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Communal prayers take place three times daily. During the week, communal prayer is in the downstairs hall, and on Shabbos, there are at least two and sometimes three groups, using both upstairs and downstairs halls, and other rooms.

Communal study sessions

Communal study sessions take place on a daily basis, usually before or after communal prayer. On Shabbos there is a communal farbrengen involving inspirational talks on Chasidic philosophy and refreshments for all.

Women’s study

Women's study takes place on a regular basis in the nearby women's centre. Lubavitch House is used for the regular weekly farbrengen (chasidic social and inspirational get-togethers), attended by women, and major women's events such as conferences and conventions, concerts, inspirational speakers and celebratory meals.


Lubavitch House is available for celebrations, such as Bar Mitzvahs and wedding receptions, as well as school and community events such as concerts, plays, prize-givings, and other celebrations.