A central theme of Lubavitch activity and philosophy is enhancing knowledge, awareness and love of Judaism among all sections of the Jewish community. The Lubavitcher Rebbe has also encouraged the dissemination of information about the universal seven Noachide laws relating to non-Jews.

Lubavitch House hosts and acts as a base for a number of special facilities and organisations devoted to these ends.


library.jpgThe Library is open daily to over 1000 registered users from the wider Jewish community and non-Jewish community. 

With over 50,000 volumes for reference and loan, chiefly in English, Hebrew, Aramaic and Yiddish, it provides a comprehensive collection of Jewish texts and Judaica.


The bookshop offers a selection of Judaica, mainly in English and Hebrew, with some popular texts in Yiddish and Aramaic and other languages. The shop also offers Jewish toys, audiotapes and CDs, religiously required clothing such as yarmulkas, and other Jewish artefacts for household and religious ceremonial use.

Friends of Small Communities

Friends of the Small Communities, directed by Rabbi Yitzchok Sufrin, provides outreach throughout the UK. Its range of services include:

  • Religious resources, advice and support
  • Lectures and religious study sessions
  • An award-winning magazine, Concord, featuring articles and stories of Jewish interest, distributed to the 1,250 people
  • A group of B’Nei Noach (non-Jewish observers of the seven Noachide laws, described previously)
  • Other liaison with the wider (including non-Jewish) community, for example with the local Fire Brigade, the Standing Advisory Committee on Religious Education, and the media, for example BBC Radio 4.

Chabad Research Unit

The Chabad Rsearch Unit (CRU), directed by Dr. Tali Loewenthal, specialises is innovative adult Jewish education, and is focused on the London area. Its services include:

  • Weekly mailings and emailings "For Friday night," a dvar Torah on the week's parsha for adults, and another for children sent to over 1100 individuals and families
  • The CRU runs occasional events in Lubavitch House, for example a concert of Chasidic music. There are regular study classes in homes and other centres across London, some involving specialist groups such as psychotherapists, lawyers, and journalists.
  • Individuals attend Lubavitch House for information, advice and consultation, and there is liaison with the wider (non-Jewish) community, for example collaboration with the BBC on the production of an interactive programme for schools on morality.

Project LeChaim

This is a weekly event in Lubavitch House, involving two one-hour study sessions for women, and also two for men. It has a mailing list of 60 active participants, with up to 20 people attending in any one week.

Project LeChaim also holds holiday events, such as on Chanuka and Sukkot, and also celebrates life-events for participants, including weddings and Bar Mitzvahs.

Special Events and Meetings

Special events in Lubavitch House include concerts, plays, celebrations of various kinds, dinners, celebrity speakers and conventions.

The organisations in Lubavitch also host regular meetings in the meeting rooms and Board Room.